Specialist Packages & Bundles

Deep Clean & Single Stage Enhancement

Starting from £289.99

Introducing our Deep Clean + Single Stage Enhancement Bundle, the ultimate solution for revitalizing your vehicle inside and out. This comprehensive package combines a meticulous deep clean, targeting stubborn dirt, pet hair, and everyday messes, with a single stage paint enhancement that restores your car's exterior to a showroom-like finish. To complete the transformation, we top it off with a 12-month ceramic coating, providing a durable layer of protection against scratches, dirt, and weather elements. Whether you're a pet owner, have a family car, or are preparing your vehicle for sale or trade-in, our Deep Clean + Single Stage Enhancement Bundle ensures your car looks and feels its absolute best.

  • Seats, Carpets & Mats Shampoo
  • Roof Lining Steamed
  • Stain Remover
  • Glass Clean
  • Exterior Decontamination
  • Single Stage Paint Enhancement
  • 12 month Ceramic Coating

Machine Polishing

Machine polish is ideal for removing swirls from the paintwork of your vehicle as-well as light scratches, and fully decontaminates the vehicle removing tar and iron fallout along with clay barring for further prep before polishing.

Single Stage Polish

Experience a refreshed exterior with our Single Stage Machine Polish, a specialized treatment that removes light swirls and imperfections, restoring your car's shine and gloss.
£ 199 starting at

Multi Stage Correction

For more advanced restoration, opt for our Multi Stage Correction, a thorough process that tackles deeper scratches and defects, rejuvenating your vehicle's paintwork to a near-flawless finish.
£ 399 starting at

Ceramic Coating

Unlocking the Power of Ceramic Coatings: A Wise Investment for the Long Run

Ceramic coatings have revolutionized the world of car care, and for all the right reasons. When applied correctly and maintained properly, they offer a wealth of benefits that make them truly worth the investment.

Unmatched Protection: Ceramic coatings form a durable and transparent layer over your vehicle's paint. This shield acts as a barrier against environmental factors like UV rays, road grime, bird droppings, and tree sap. As a result, your car's paint is safeguarded from fading, oxidation, and other common issues.

Superior Gloss and Shine: One of the most noticeable advantages of ceramic coatings is the extraordinary gloss they deliver. Your vehicle's finish becomes remarkably vibrant, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and ensuring a "just-waxed" look that lasts for years.

Ease of Maintenance: Ceramic coatings create a hydrophobic surface, meaning water and dirt slide off effortlessly. This not only simplifies cleaning but also reduces the risk of water spots, making your car's upkeep a breeze.

Longevity: When it comes to durability, ceramic coatings stand out. If maintained properly, they can last for years. That's where the exceptional 7-year warranty from Reign comes into play. With this warranty, you have added peace of mind knowing your investment is protected and you can enjoy the benefits of your ceramic-coated car for an extended period.

In summary, ceramic coatings are a wise investment for those who seek a beautiful, well-protected vehicle. The 7-year coating from Performance People "RIEGN" not only reflects the confidence in their product but also ensures that your car will continue to shine and stay protected well into the future. It's a testament to the enduring benefits of ceramic coatings when applied by professionals and maintained with care.

1 Year

Available to add on to any other service
£ 25

2 Year

Available to add on to any other service
£ 65

7 Year

Available to add on to any other service
£ 95

Wheel face Coat

Available to add on to any other service
£ 40

Happy Campers Package

Introducing our "Happy Campers" Bundle, a specialist motorhome and caravan cleaning service designed to keep your home-on-wheels looking pristine all year round. Our expert team meticulously cleans the full exterior, including the roof, ensuring your motorhome or caravan stays cleaner for longer and maintains its excellent condition. To further enhance the protection and longevity of your vehicle's finish, we offer 12-month and 3-year ceramic coating options as additional extras. Choose our "Happy Campers" Bundle and experience the joy of a spotless, well-maintained motorhome or caravan, ready for your next adventure.


Clean & Protect

Full safe wash and wax
£ 123

Clean & Protect + 1 Year Ceramic Coating

Available to add on to any other service
£ 223

Clean & Protect + 7 Year Ceramic Coating

Available to add on to any other service
£ 383

Supercar Package

Starting from £150

The Supercar Package is designed specifically for exotic and high-performance vehicles, requiring meticulous attention to detail and a delicate approach. This service entails thorough cleaning of intricate areas, such as under the bonnet or within vents, where tar often accumulates from tire debris.

Special care is taken when cleaning ceramic brakes, avoiding common cleaners or acids that may cause damage and costly repairs. The package also includes comprehensive interior cleaning, addressing tight spaces and hard-to-reach areas, ensuring a pristine finish unmatched by standard vehicle cleaning services.

Full Wet Sand Detail

Starting from £1450

Introducing our highly sought-after Full Wet Sanding Detail package, with prices starting at an incredible £1450. This specialised service is designed for panels that have deep scratches, which traditionally require a costly full respray. However, with our advanced wet sanding techniques, we can achieve a flawless finish for a fraction of the cost. Our skilled technicians meticulously work on the affected areas, removing imperfections and restoring the original beauty of your vehicle's paintwork. Don't let unsightly scratches ruin the appearance of your car. Experience the transformative power of our Full Wet Sanding Detail and bring back that showroom shine without breaking the bank.

(vehicle will need left in a secure unit overnight)