Mini Valet

LR Autocare offers a convenient and efficient mobile valeting experience, including a high-quality wash and wax, thorough hoovering, refreshing air freshener, and pristine window cleaning. The perfect service to book on a regular basis and keep ontop of your vehicles presentation - keep your car looking and feeling its best with our Mini Valet Service, tailored to fit your busy lifestyle while providing exceptional results.

  • Wash & Wax
  • Windows Cleaned
  • Vehicle Hoovered Throughout
  • Door & Boot Jams Cleaned
  • Air Freshener
  • Power Required

Regular Vehicles

Hatchbacks, coupe's, saloons etc
£ 45

Large Vehicles

SUV's, People Carriers, 4x4's, Pickups, Small Vans
£ 55

Full Valet

LR Autocare's professional mobile valet service ensures your car is treated with the utmost care and attention. Our comprehensive package includes a thorough wash & wax, meticulous window cleaning, seat cleaning and doors cleaned all at competitive prices. Discover the perfect service for your vehicle and experience the ultimate in automotive care with LR Autocare.

  • Twin bucket method wash & wax
  • Windows Cleaned
  • Interior Seats Cleaned
  • Mats vacuumed & Cleaned
  • Boot Cleaned
  • Door & Boot Jams Cleaned
  • Plastics & Tyres Dressed
  • Air Freshener

Regular Vehicles

Hatchbacks, coupe's, saloons etc
£ 59.99

Large Vehicles

SUV's, People Carriers, 4x4's, Pickups, Small Vans
£ 69.99

Extra Large Vehicles

Large Vans, Work Vehicles
£ 99.99

Specialist Vehicles

Caravans, Motorhomes, Box vans, Large parcel vans, Horse box
£ 129.99

Add Ons

Fabric Protection

This essential treatment safeguards against spills and stains, ensuring lasting cleanliness and durability for your car's fabric surfaces.
£ 45

Leather Protection

This specialised service helps prevent fading, cracking, and staining, ensuring your leather upholstery remains luxurious and resilient and the water just beads off making it easier to vacuum extract and clean.
£ 45

Glass Ceramic Coating

Provides superior resistance against scratches, dirt, and weather elements, ensuring a hydrophobic effect which in turn prolongs the life of your wiper blade
£ 45

Deep Cleans

Transform your vehicle with our Deep Clean Package, specifically tailored for pet owners, family cars, and those preparing for a sale or trade-in. This thorough cleaning service targets stubborn dirt, pet hair, and everyday messes, restoring your car's interior and exterior to an immaculate condition that's sure to impress.

  • Twin bucket method
  • Autoglym Wax
  • Paint Decontamination
  • Carpets & Mats Shampoo and Steamed
  • Seats / Roof Lining Shampoo & Steamed
  • Stain Remover
  • Tar Removed Safely
  • Engine bay Steam Clean
  • Air Freshener
  • Arches deep cleaned
  • Tyres and plastics dressed
  • Iron removal (paint & wheels)

Price subject to condition

£ 149.99 seasonal offer £119.99 finishes end of March

Winter Protection Package

Introducing the Winter Protection Package at £125, a fantastic offer for winter 2023/24. This comprehensive service includes a full valet plus decontamination safe wash, followed by a light polish to enhance gloss and leave a barrier of protection behind. As a special bonus, we're also including a complimentary window coating to protect your windows and repel rain. Don't miss this limited-time opportunity to give your car the ultimate treatment at an unbeatable price.

ceramic coatings can be added to this package at an extra cost. starting as low as £25

  • Full Decontamination Safe Wash
  • Light Polish
  • Minor Paint Correction
  • Window Coating
  • Limited time offer! ends March 2024

Winter Special Offer

Hatchbacks, coupe's, saloons
£ 125